Current mining project is located in Sekayun, Taba Penanjung and Seluma, and will expand to others location in Bengkulu.

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Ratu Samban Mining

Believes that safely mining makes good business sense and improve our financial sustainability. Our employees are the key reason for RSM’s sustained success. The value of health and safety of everyone associated with RSM has led to substantial progress in the reduction of HS&E incidents and injuries. Our reputation as a mining industry capable of doing the most complex mining safely depends on our dedication to the highest level of employee safety.

It is RSM's goals to :

  • Build and sustain an Incident/Injury-free working environment;
  • Create a positive HS & E culture;Provide to the best of our ability a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees and contractors;
  • No fatality incident occurs within RSM controlled operations;
  • Implement an effective HS&E Management System and proactively manage HS&E;
  • Compliance to relevant legal requirements;
  • Minimize illness associated with work by improving the occupational health management;
  • Observe all local environmental rules to protect the environment;


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